Join the e-floater community and experience the unique driving experience. In the following video you will learn how to borrow the e-floater and start floating.

And here again step by step:


Choose your vehicle and start your floating trip!

Start floating

Let's float

  1. Select your e-floater in the web-app

  2. Release the handbrake

  3. Kick off the floor

  4. Accelerate over the right handle. Your feet are parallel on the board.

  5. Start to float by shifting your body weight - like skiing

To end your trip, park your e-floater properly within the business area, use the parking brake on the left handle and end your rental in the app


Our service is available from the age of 14

The maximum load is 100kg

The use of a helmet is recommended

Observe the StVO

Only ride on bike paths and official roads

Place the e-floater properly after the end of the session